Anhui Agricultural University (AAU) has actively developed international exchanges and collaborations, establishing stable partnerships with universities and research institutes from over 30 countries and regions, including the US, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Germany,Australia, Thailand, and so on. It constantly promotes the cooperation of scientific research and cultivation of high-level talents, accelerates the process of educational exchanges and enhances the level of internationalization.

To improve young teachers’ professional skills and explore their global vision, AAU makes full use of every channel to send qualified young teachers abroad each year for further studies and exchange and to invite distinguished experts and scholars from home and abroad to campus for lectures. In May 2011, AAU established “Anhui Haizhi Agricultural Base”, providing an important platform for international exchanges and collaborations. To introduce and employ high-quality foreign educational resources, AAU has launched a “2+2 Joint Training Program for Undergraduate Students” with Colorado State University of the US, a “Joint Education Program for Undergraduate Students” with Charles Darwin University of Australia, and an “Exchange Program for Graduate Students” with Osnabruck University of Applied Science of German and Mie University of Japan. AAU also sends qualified students abroad for international academic forums and advocates “Summer Work & Travel USA Program” among students. Meanwhile, AAU is actively engaged in conducting overseas education, attracting European and American students each year for further Chinese studies or for agronomy-and-forestry-related professional knowledge. Besides, AAU has been ratified by China Ministry of Education as one of Chinese universities eligible to admit international students funded by China Scholarship since 2011.

AAU attaches great importance to international cooperation of science and technology and foreign assistance in agriculture, having so far undertaken over 30 programs of sci-tech cooperation of various kinds, organized more than 10 international academic conferences. In May 2011, AAU founded “The Joint Research Center of Tea and Health” and “The Joint Research Center of Resources & Environment and Ecological Remote Sensing”in combined efforts with Colorado State University of the US. Since December, 2010, AAU has been devoted to foreign language training for the South-South Cooperation Project issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agriculture Committee of Anhui Province. In 2016, the International Joint Laboratory on Tea Chemistry and Health Effects of Ministry of Education was founded in AAU. In March 2017, AAU hosted the Inaugural Conference of China-US  University Based Agricultural Extension Alliance in Hangzhou. Five American universities (Colarado State University, the University of California System, Oregon State University, University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Purdue University) and ten Chinese Universities are the first group of members of the Alliance.

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