Comprehensive Experimental Stations
Comprehensive Experimental Stations

AAU, in collaboration with related local governments, is making active efforts for innovations to build a new agricultural extension service platform for "One Station, One Alliance, One Center" cooperative modefor "1 + 1 + N" technology service mode, and for the construction of demonstration bases, public service platforms, think tanks and the reform of staff training mode, to provide appropriate institutional protection and support for the construction of a new university-based extension system.

In accordance with the dominant mode of "One Station, One Alliance, One Center", AAU has built new agricultural extension service platforms to fully facilitate the new university-based extension mode.

Table of eight comprehensive experiment stations (CES) of the Research Institute for New Rural Development, AAU

CES name Construction unit

Land area (mu) of construction
(1mu≈666.67 m2)

Land area (mu) of agricultural use
(1mu≈666.67 m2)

Wanzhong CES Lujiang County 30 500
Dabie Mountain CES Jinzhai County 15 500
Wanbei CES Yongqiao District 21 650
Wandong CES Mingguang City 25 500
Wannan CES Huangshan District 15 500
Jianghuai Watershed CES Dingyuan County 15 500
Wanxibei CES Linquan County 15 500
Wanjiang CES Nanling County 20 1000

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