Founded in November 2012, the Research Institute for New Rural Development is responsible for the macro strategies of the new rural construction, organizing and implementing the promotion of service mode research. Areas of research include selection, technology promotion, transfer and development of promotion projects in AAU, extension of science and technology to rural areas, construction of off-campus comprehensive experimental stations, featured industry bases and cooperation bases of production, teaching and research, establishment of the information platform of new rural development, coordination and implementation of “government, industry, academics, research” cooperation between AAU and local governments and enterprises.

The AAU Research Institute for New Rural Development is AAU’s functional department for social services. The duties of the Institute are to:
. Organize, coordinate and implement cooperation between AAU and local government, enterprise and institution
. Select the key agricultural extension projects, publicize and transfer the results of scientific and technological studies, and conduct scientific service
. Construct and manage regional integrated test station, industrial experiment stations and extension stations outside of university
. Organize and implement macro strategy study on new rural construction
. Organize and implement education and training of rural development staff
. Facilitate the construction of an information platform for new rural development
. Oversee the work related to the “Joint Institute for Agricultural Extension and Economic Development” between Anhui Agricultural University and Colorado State University

The Research Institute for New Rural Development of AAU runs seven functional sections, including a general office, department of technology promotion, department of technology transfer, department of base construction, department of training, department of development and research and department of comprehensive experiment stations.

In December 2014, in order to provide technical support for the new agricultural extension system construction and Anhui rural regional development and revitalization, Anhui Agricultural University and Colorado State University set up the Joint Research Institute for Agricultural Extension and Economic Development to create a research platform for agricultural extension and economic development in China and the United States. The Institute focuses on the actual demands for the transformation of the agricultural development mode in Anhui and the construction of a beautiful countryside, to carry out agricultural science and technology innovations, and to advance the technology transfer and extension.

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