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V. Disciplines Research Platforms

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Disciplines research platforms are the necessary support to discipline construction. Today AAU is rigorously building a three-leveled platform structure: AAU Platform for Science Research Service, Public Discipline Platform, and PI-system Functional Laboratory.

AAU Scientific Research Service Platform

The platform is intended to promote discipline capacities in sci-tech researches, to integrate the key-discipline resources for the service of for higher-level research platform including a Biological Technology Center and an Agro-processing Research Institute, to speed up the construction of a multi-functional interdisciplinary base and eventually to enhance the discipline innovations.

Public Discipline Platform

On the principle “for general use, for public service”, the platform shall improve its support for the overall discipline construction among the discipline group, and by relying upon the development of state key laboratory of tea plant biology and utilization and provincial key laboratories, shall actively bring itself into a leading and radiating play, and shall eventually, on basis of full argument, join hands with college platform to meet the overall demands of different college or discipline group to effectively better our teachers’ research condition.

PI-system Functional Laboratory

The platform, managed by scientific research teams or groups, shall be a better configuration of professional instruments and equipments to meet different research requirements, to secure a good research environment for key sci-tech projects and characteristic orientations, and to meet the needs of discipline cultivation and research team’ development as well.