Sports Department
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The Sports Department of AAU is honored as a national advanced unit by the Chinese Ministry of Education and General Administration of Sports. The Sports Department is composed of a general office, ball game research section, athletics research section, martial arts and gymnastics research section, the site management center and the health test center.  


Currently, the department has 36 faculty members, including two professors, and 20 associate professors. The Sports Department sets up general sports classes for freshmen, optional sports classes for sophomores and juniors, and health care classes for some ill or disabled students. 


 In the past five years, over 200 teaching or research papers have been published, 30 of which are included by Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI). In addition, great achievements have been made in teaching: presiding over the editing of one Tenth Five-Year Plan textbook College Sportsamong national agricultural universities, 1 Anhui provincial Tenth Five-Year Plan textbook, and 4 popular science textbooks; participating in 1 national society science project and 2 subjects approved by national Sports Ministry; and conducting 1 sub-issue approved by Chinese Ministry of Education, 20 key social science subjects of Anhui Education Department and key subjects of Anhui Sports Bureau, 2 key teaching research subjects of Anhui Education Department and other projects about funds for great talents and humanities and social science which are issued by Anhui Education Department. Currently, more than 30 teaching research subjects have been approved by AAU with the first and second prizes in Anhui teaching achievement evaluation.


25 teachers of the Sports Department have won many awards at the provincial level, as well as the national level. With the guidance of their teachers, students of this university actively take part in various sports competitions and achieved great success—over 200 students won team or individual championships; 18 students break 14 records of Anhui College Students Athletics Competition for 20 times and 10 become members of  provincial athletics team of college students. The sports delegation of AAU, in 2010’s Anhui 12th Athletics Competition, ranks on the top of the team total score, and in 2014’s, too.


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