School of Resources and Environment(SRE)
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The School of Resources and Environment (SRE) was established in 2004. It has six undergraduate programs: (environmental science, environmental engineering, ecology, agricultural resources and environment, geographical information science, and environmental science ), nine master’s programs and four doctoral degree programs. 


SRE enrolls 1,087 undergraduates and about 273 postgraduates (including 13 PhD candidates). It has a qualified teaching staff of 84 faculty members, including 16 professors, five chair professors, nine associate professors, with three professors awarded the title of “Provincial Academic Leader ”, one “ chief leader of modern technological system of agricultural industry in Anhui” and one “young and middle-aged disciplinary leaders in Anhui”.


SRE now owns one quality safety risk evaluation lab in Hefei for preservation and freshness of produce, one experiment station of agricultural environment (Hefei), one provincial key lab of produce safety, one engineering and technology center for a new type of fertilizer and one testing center for pesticide residues. In addition, it is involved in four key labs and research institutes: a school-level key lab of adversity and plant nutrition, Research Institute of Pesticides, Research Institute of Fertilizer and Research Institute of Resource Information. Pesticide science is a provincial key discipline, and plant nutrition as well as atmospheric science is a school-level key discipline. Also, there are two provincial innovation teams, one provincial talents initiative team, one innovation  research team as well as eight research innovation teams at the departmental level.


In the past five years, SRE has undertaken more than 40 national key research projects from the Project “973” “873”, National Technology Supporting Plan and National Nature Sciences Foundation, with a total grant of over 90 million yuan. In addition, it has obtained more than 10 awards. In addition, the school has published 12 textbooks in “Twelfth Five-Year Planning Publishing Program” as well as other kinds of teaching materials.


SRE has successively established stable cooperate exchange mechanisms with well-known institutes like the International Plant Nutrition Research Institute of Canada, Agricultural Soil and Water Environment Research Institute of the U.S., the University of Osnabruck in Germany, Nanjing Soil Research Institute and Ecological Environment Center subject to Chinese Academy of Science thus sharing resources and cooperating to improve the quality of postgraduates. It has started undergraduates cultivation program with Colorado State University of the U.S.


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