School of Plant Protection
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The School of Plant Protection (SPP), became an independent department in 1973,growing out of the Plant Protection, Department of Agronomy founded in 1960. It has established several disciplines: Agricultural Environment Conservation, Applied Microorganisms, Environmental Science, Ecology and Animal and Plant Quarantine. Through the adjustment of departments and disciplines in 2004, it was finally renamed SPP.


It consists of three provincial key disciplines: Plant PathologyAgricultural Entomology and Pest Control, and Pesticide Science; three doctoral programs: Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control, Safe Production of Crops and Agricultural Microbiology; four master’s programs: Plant Protection, together with Plant Pathology, Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control and Pesticide Science, two undergraduate disciplines: Plant Protection (National Specialty) and Animal and Plant Quarantine. In addition, it has four institutions: the Center of Disease Resistance and Evaluation of Main Crops, a key lab of Agricultural Product Safety in Anhui province, the Demonstration Center of Plant Protection at the provincial level and Plant Protection Technical Training Center, two institutes of Plant Protection and Utilization of Insect Resources and an Undergraduate Teaching Experimental Center.


At present, there are 800 undergraduates and 100 post graduates. It has 44 faculty members, among which are 34 teachers, nine professors, 18 associate professors, five doctoral supervisors and 35 with a PhD degree. Among those teachers, one was awarded as a national excellent teacher, 1 national outstanding scientific practitioner, three prominent teachers recognized by Anhui Province and the Ministry of Education and three were honored as model teachers at provincial level.


SPP enjoys a strong academic atmosphere. In the past few years, it has hosted 30 scientific programs at the provincial and national level, seven of which have won provincial and ministerial rewards. Besides this, 30 teaching materials and over 300 theses have been delivered. The undergraduate curriculum has its own specialities and characteristics, for which it has won one national teaching awards, and seven provincial awards. In addition, SPP has invited 18 renowned experts and academics to attend its academic communicative activities. As for its teachers, 10 have pursued further study abroad, and 60 have attended professional conferences.


For 50 years, SPP has cultivated a large number of talents with professional skills, among whom 400 are doctors or postgraduates and 5,000 undergraduates, making significant contributions to the development of Chinese agriculture.



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