School of Textile Engineering
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The School of Textile Engineering is a young school established in 2004 . It consists of four departments, namely textile engineering, package engineering, fashion design, and engineering, art design as well as a lab center. The school offers seven undergraduate degree programs: Fashion Design and Engineering, Fashion and Accessories Design, Interior Environmental Design, Package Engineering, Product Design, Textile Engineering, and Visual Communication Design. SLIAD has a proficient and competent team of teaching and research staff with 60 faculty members including two professors and 11 associate professors. 


With regard to its facilities, there are labs for textile engineering, fashion engineering, package engineering, digital printing and ceramic art design, CAD labs for package and fashion, computer rooms, as well as a studio. In addition, laser carving labs, virtual studios and animation workstations will be established, aiding experimental teaching of undergraduate education. The experimental center has been equipped with multimedia teaching devices in order to meet the need of experimental teaching. In addition, SLIAD has established three off campus practical and training bases which give support to the cultivation of innovative ideas as well as practical abilities for students.


In the past five years, over 50 research projects were undertaken by our school, including 16 projects at provincial or ministerial level and over 40 school-level projects., with total research grant of 1.29 million yuan. In addition, we have published more than 60 academic papers in core journals at home and abroad, 10 monographs, textbooks and applied for seven national patents.


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