School of Humanities and Social Science
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The School of Humanities and Social Science (SHSS), was established in 2000 by combining many divisions and departments. After a separation and merger in 2004, SHSS now has five departments (the Department of Sociology, the Department of Law, the Department of Chinese, the Department of Chinese International Education, and Psychology) and one division for art teaching. It offers five undergraduate programs: Applied Psychology, Chinese Language and Literature, Law, Social Work and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.


  The school has 46 faculty members, including eight professors and 15 associate professors. In addition, three American professors and several distinguished professors from key universities in China are regularly invited to give lectures in the school.


   At present, the school library has a collection of 50,000 books and 200 varieties of newspapers and magazines. In the past three years, SHSS has published over 180 papers, 12 monographs and 15 textbooks. Also, we have undertaken 10 national projects, two international cooperation projects and 70 provincial research projects respectively.


   Since 1997, we have established a long-term exchange and cooperation with Hampshire College in the United States. The two parties exchange visiting scholars and students every year. 27 teachers in our school are invited to be visiting scholars in the United States, and 30 have participated in international conferences. To date, we have accepted 70 students from America, Korea and Vietnam, and 30 foreign visiting scholars.



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