I. Overview
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Anhui Agricultural UniversityAAUis a provincial key university, and currently it runs one state key disciplineunder cultivation, 17 provincial or ministerial key disciplines, and 5 A-level postdoctoral research stations. AAU is authorized to offer doctoral degrees in 5 A-level and 32 B-level disciplines, and master degrees in 18 A-level and 71 B-level disciplines, and professional master degrees in 4 majors. During the period of “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the university was approved to be a joint construction by Anhui Provincial People’s Government and the Ministry of Agriculture of China, and was selected to be supported by the Project for Basic Capacity Building of Universities in Midwest China, to be among the first 10 universities in China to set up Research Institute of New Rural Development, and to be among Anhui’s first universities to be build into high-level and characteristic ones.

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