Master's Programs
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Master's Programs

Crop Cultivation and Farming System

Crop Biotechnology

Crop Genetics and Breeding

The Rearing of Special-Type Economic Animals

«Plant Protection


Landscape Horticulture



Environmental Science and Engineering


Pesticide Science

«Processing   and Storage Engineering of Horticultural Products

Mechanization Engineering

Forestry Engineering

«Agricultural Mechanization Engineering

Urban and Rural Planning

«Agricultural Water-soil Engineering

Landscape Architecture

Information   Technology of Resources and Environment

Forest Tree Genetics and Breeding

«Agricultural Biological   Environment and Energy Engineering

Science of Forestry Cultivation

«Agricultural Electrification and Automation

Forest Protection


Forest Management

Industrial Economics

Ornamental Plants and Horticulture

Business Administration


Agricultural   and Forestry Economics and Management

Animal Pathogenic Biology

Administration Management

Animal Genetics Breeding and Reproduction

Land Resource Management

Animal Nutrition and Feed Science

Public Management

Basic Veterinary Medicine

«Computer Science and Technology

Preventive Veterinary Medicine

Landscape Art and Design

Clinical Veterinary Medicine

Chemistry(in Fiber Materials and Engineering)

Animal Food Safety

Applied Economics

«Tea Science

«Chemistry(in Natural Science)

Food Science and Engineering


Nutrition and Food   Hygiene

Business English


Basic Principles of Marxism

Soil Science

Education in Ideology and Politics

Plant   Nutrition

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