Vice President of the University of Chichester Visited AAU
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 On the morning of July 6th, Vice Chancellor of the University of Chichester, Catherine Margaret Harper, and her delegation visited our university and held a cooperation meeting with Vice President Yao Zuowen. Directors and some faculty members from International Office, School of Engineering, School of Information and Computer Sciences, and School of Foreign Languages attended the meeting.

At the meeting, both Harper and Yao introduced their universities, especially in terms of international exchanges and cooperation. Participants exchanged on specific cooperation programs and reached a preliminary consensus. The two sides planned to sign an agreement to carry out comprehensive cooperation, focusing on cooperation in electrical and electronic engineering, English language and literature.

Founded in 1839, the University of Chichester is located in the West Sussex County of southern England. With more than 6,000 students and 1% Chinese students, it is a public comprehensive university.

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