AAU and the American Chemical Society Jointly Sponsored 256th Annual Tea Conference
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From August 19th to 23rd, the 256th Annual Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) was held at the Convention and Exhibition Center in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Our university and ACS jointly sponsored a conference on Tea Chemistry, Flavor and Health Function at the 256th Annual meeting, which became the only one under the Agricultural and Food Chemistry Division (ACS-AGFD) to focus on one single crop.

The conference was proposed by Professor He Qitang of Rutgers University, Professor Wan Xiaochun, Professor Zhang Zhengzhu, Dr Li Daxiang of AAU and Dr. Wang Yu of the University of Florida. It was sponsored by the Joint Laboratory of International Cooperation on Tea Chemistry and Health of the Ministry of Education (JLIC-TCH), the
State Key Laboratory of Tea Plant Biology and Utilization (LTBU) , Rutgers University and University of Florida. He Qitang, chairman of the division, is a chair professor of JLIC-TCH at AAU. He is a top expert in international food flavor chemistry and a highly cited scientist in global agriculture.

At the conference, scholars shared their research findings on "tea chemistry, flavor and health function". The selected research results will be published in the "Tea Column" of Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry at the end of the year.


The conference is a high-end international academic activity held abroad to celebrate the 90th anniversary of our university. It has attracted nearly 100 delegates from more than 20 universities and research institutes at home and abroad, and has fully demonstrated the latest researches from the major tea-related research institutes in the world. During the conference, representatives of our university exchanged views with experts and scholars attending the meeting, especially communicating with experts from Rutgers University, Colorado State University and Marshall University on tea chemistry, tea flavor and health, and further clarified the direction of cooperation in the near future. The conference fully demonstrates the latest achievements of JLIC-TCH in the fields of tea secondary metabolism, tea flavor chemistry, especially processing & storage chemistry and tea health. It has been highly praised by the experts at the meeting, and has greatly improved the reputation of JLIC-TCH and LTBU in tea science, which has promoted the exchanges and cooperation between our university and scientific research institutes at home and abroad in this field.

Founded in 1876, the sponsor American Chemical Society(ACS)is now the world's largest scientific and technological society with more than 160,000 members, and also leads the trend in the chemistry circle. The annual meeting of the ACS is an international top conference held twice a year in spring and autumn respectively. The attendees are researchers from all over the world in chemistry and related fields. It is the most influential and most-attended academic annual conference in the world. The participants each year ranges from 8000 to 14000.


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