Agricultural Science of AAU Ranks Top 1% on ESI
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On Sept 14th, Clarivate Analytics, formerly known as Thomson Reuters, published the latest data of ESIEssential Science Indicators. In worldwide disciplines ranking of Agricultural Science, Anhui Agricultural University came into top 1% for the first time, following the success in Plant and Animal Science of AAU. The top 1% ESI disciplines are generally regarded as high-level international disciplines. By the end of Sept. 2018, there have been 349 AAU papers published in Agricultural Science and 667 in Plant and Animal Science. According to published data, the average citations of papers in Agricultural Science are 6.27 and total cites are 2189, while in Plant and Animal Science 5.44 and 3684, showing strong international academic influence.

Essential Science Indicators (ESI) are a database published by Clarivate Analytics. There are over 10,000 indexed journals in the database and Essential Science Indicators categorizes these journals into 22 broad disciplines. ESI rank worldwide institutions using the number of papers published (productivity) and paper citations (impact). It provides access to a unique and comprehensive compilation of essential science performance statistics and science trend data delivered from Clarivate Analytics data.

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