International Students Achieve Good Results in the Competition of the 11th Huatuo Wuqinxi Fitness Festival
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On September 11, "The 4th China (Bozhou) International Health Qigong Expo in 2019 and the 11th Huatuo Wuqinxi Health and Fitness Festival Exchange Competition" opened in Bozhou. 

International students from the School of International Education took part in the competition

In the early days, under the guidance of the P.E teachers, the team of our international students were fully prepared and successfully learned four sets of basic routines of traditional Chinese 

Qigong during the summer training of more than one month. Finally, the students worked hard and won the first prize in the group competition Yi Jin Jing program and the second prize in the Wuqinxi program. Also, in the individual competition, there are many awards for Wuqinxi, Yi Jin Jing, Liuzi tactic and Ba Duan Jin.

This competition, jointly sponsored by the Fitness Qigong Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports, Anhui Provincial Sports Bureau and Bozhou municipal people's government, attracted nearly 200 lovers of Fitness Qigong from 20 countries and regions including China, Cô te d 'Ivoire, Canada, Malaysia, Japan, Finland, Russia, South Korea, India and 

South Africa.


Our university has always encouraged international students to learn and spread Chinese culture. This competition is another Chinese traditional cultural experience activity after “Staying in 

China” and “Perceiving China” for international students. The students showed great interest and said that they would try their best to spread what they saw, heard and learned back to their 

own countries.


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