Thailand's King University of Science and Technology Delegation Visited Our University
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On June 25, the head of the department of agricultural education at the King's University of Science and Technology (KUST) of Thailand, Pattharangsarith, and her party visited our university. Jiang Chun, secretary of the Party Committee of the university, met with the delegation in the reception room of the Administrative Building.

On behalf of the university, Jiang Chun welcomed Pattharangsarith and her party, thanked  for their attention and support to the relationship between the two universities, and further clarified the need for in-depth cooperation in the future. Pattharangsarith reviewed the history of the cooperation between the two universities and put forward suggestions on the future direction and fields of cooperation. During the exchange, the two sides made it clear that the foreign affair departments and the relevant departments will closely contact and gradually discuss and implement specific cooperation matters.

Before the meeting, the delegation visited the Biological Science and Technology Building, the State Key Laboratory of Tea Plant Biology and Resource Utilization, the laboratory of college of animal science and technology and college of horticulture respectively. Then, the two sides exchanged some views on further cooperation in teacher exchange, student exchange and scientific research.





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