Minister of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry of Costa Rica and His Delegation Visited Our University
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On the morning of April 22th, Alvarado Rivera, Minister of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry of Costa Rica and his delegation, all together five people paid a visit to Anhui Agricultural University. Jiang Chun, Secretary of the Party Committee of our university and Xia Tao, Vice President, met with the delegation in the third conference room, Administrative Building.

On behalf of the school, Jiang Chun welcomed Alvarado Rivera and his delegation and gave a brief introduction of Anhui Agricultural University. Later, Alvarado Rivera introduced the purpose of the visit and expressed his sincere wish to cooperate with our university in the fields of agriculture, biotechnology and other aspects. Later, the two sides conducted further exchanges and discussions concerning relevant areas and ways of cooperation. Xia Tao concluded that the next step would be to establish a mechanism of mutual visits on the basis of previous cooperation and expand exchanges and cooperation with advantageous resources.

Wang Derun, Director of the Foreign Exchange and Cooperation Division of the Science and Technology Department of Anhui Province, Ding Wenzhen, Deputy Director, Dai Zuyun, chairman of Anhui Jianghuai Horticultural Seed Industry Co. Ltd., heads of the Science and Technology Department, New Rural Development Research Institute, International Exchange and Cooperation Department, School of Plant Protection, School of Horticulture, School of Animal Science and Technology, School of Life Sciences, School of Economic Management and relevant staff participated in the activity.

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