The Delegation of International Experts and Academicians in Animal Science and Technology Visits AAU
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On October 22nd, a delegation of 10 people, including Professor Martin’s team from the University of Bern, Switzerland, together with members from his laboratory of the British Branch visited our university. On October 24th, two academicians from the French Academy of Science, Eric Westhof and Proao visited AAU.


Jiang Chun, Secretary of AAU Party Committee, and President Xia Tao met with the two academicians and other experts on behalf of AAU. Zhu Linjun, Cao Haiqun, vice presidents of AAU, and the representatives from International Office, School of Animal Science, School of Forestry and Landscape also attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Jiang Chun introduced our university to the foreign experts, and elaborated on the achievements of our university in scientific research, social services and international exchanges and cooperation according to their research interests.

Xia Tao extended his warm welcome to the two academicians and exchanged views with them on joint cultivation of Ph. D students and holding teaching activities.

Eric Westhof and Proao granted full recognition to what AAU had achieved in agriculture teaching and scientific research. They also expressed their willingness to strengthen exchanges and create more opportunities to promote cooperation with AAU.

Zhu Lijun and Cao Haiqun reached a consensus with Professor Martin and his team members on deepening the cooperation between AAU and the University of Bern. Both sides have clarified their plans to strengthen their collaboration in teaching, scientific research and faculty communication.

During their visit, foreign experts were shown Anhui Key Laboratory of Microbial Control of AAU, and then they gave academic reports on animal immunology, molecular biology, bioinformatics to AAU faculty and students.



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