AAU Undertakes International Students “Perceiving China” Social Experience Activity
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October 11th to 12th, international students “Perceiving China--- Reform New Countryside” social experience activity, sponsored by China Scholarship Council, was undertaken by AAU, and carried out in Fengyang, Wuhe and Dingyuan County Anhui Province. About 90 international students with Chinese Government Scholarship from University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei University of Technology, Anhui University, and Anhui Agricultural University took part in this activity.


Exploring Reform History, Feeling New Countryside

On the morning of October 11th, international faculty and students gathered to visit XiaoGang Village, Fengyang County. At the Al-round Contract Museum, the history of All-round Contract was introduced and its spirits was appreciated. George from Nigeria expressed admiration towards the local people’s diligent spirit. Li Mengjie from Ukraine was impressed by XiaoGang Village, regarding it a very clean place. Xiao Gang Village, experienced tremendous changes, was the demonstration site of China’s rural reform.

Experiencing New technology, Inspecting New development

On the afternoon of October 11th, international students arrived at the Modern Farming Co., Wuhe County. They visited the automatic production line which could produce 480 tons of milk every day. Stephen from Madagascar said, “the factory here is huge with advanced technology.”Madagascar also raises cows, so he hoped to bring China’s modern husbandry to his country.

Combining Regional Characteristics, Experiencing Agricultural Technology

On the morning of October 12th, international students came to Jiang Huai Water Shed Integrated Test Station, in Dingyuan County. On the regional agricultural development forum, station staff gave an introduction to the function and projects of this station, Later, they learned ecological breeding and visited Zhong Xing Flora Company after lunch. Aileen from Russia expressed appreciation of the animals and ecological environment here, which was similar to her hometown.


This activity was undertaken by AAU the second year in a row. “Perceiving China--- New Development of Old Liberated Areas” social experience activity was a great success last year, and was warmly welcomed by international students this year with a new theme “reform new countryside”. They hope to spread what they see in China to the world.

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