AAU International Student Won the 2019 Chinese Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship
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Recently, Department of International Exchange and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education issued the document, "Notice on the Awarding List of the Chinese Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship of 2019", in which SHAH BISMILLAH ( Sha Feiyu as his Chinese name), a student from our university, won the award.

SHAH BISMILLAH, Chinese government scholarship winner, male, Pakistani, is a 2016 doctoral student majoring in agricultural insects and pest control at the College of Plant Protection of our university. He is a hard-working and excellent student, completed 23 credits and average score of 87.6 points. He has outstanding scientific research talents and has published more than 10 academic papers as the first author since admission, one of which was published in the core journal "ZOOTAXA". He returned to Pakistan twice to capture leaf cicada specimens, enriching our school's insect specimens. He actively participates in various cultural and sports activities on campus. He is also an active member of the Blood Donors Association, and has donated blood several times. He loves China and is friendly to China. Since September 2017, he has served as a student assistant in the School of International Education, and has been praised by teachers and students with his service. 

This scholarship program is set up by the Ministry of Education to improve the overall level of international students in China and encourage them to study hard and make progress, which is open to all the international degree students ( sophomore and above) studying in China. It is reported that, since 2015, the Ministry of Education has set up targeted and open quotas for both self-financed international students and Chinese government scholarship winners. This year marks the fifth year of the implementation of the program with a total of 100 open places. SHAH BISMILLAH was recommended and finally won this award --- only two students in Anhui province won the prize this year. Our overseas students have won the award for five consecutive years since the project started.

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