Working Conference on International Collaborative Education is Held
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A Working Conference on International Collaborative Education was held in the third conference room in April 21. Li Hong, the university’s vice president, chaired the meeting. Directors of the Academic Affairs Department, Graduate School, Admissions and Employment Department, International Office, and persons in charge of foreign affairs of each college attended the meeting.

.Li Hong pointed out that it is necessary to speed up and expand international exchanges and cooperation based on General Secretary Xi Jinping’s instruction on the opening-up of education to the outside world and the relevant decisions made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council. The requirements related to foreign affairs must be strictly carried out and the management of foreign affairs must be strictly regulated. In accordance with the tasks established by the seventh party congress of the school and the work goals of 2020, we should actively promote various international exchanges and cooperation, especially in terms of international communication, promptly and effectively; we should deeply study and understand the spirit of superior documents, improve our understanding and unify our thoughts; we should start our application for programs with advanced disciplines first and continuously promote it from point to area; we should give full play to the collaborative role of all departments and colleges, broaden our vision, work together to tackle difficulties, and strive to achieve a breakthrough as soon as possible.

At the meeting, the director of International Office conveyed the spirit of the superior documents and reported their work on the application of international cooperative education projects and other related work in international exchange and collaboration. After that, the attendees shared their own experiences relating to international education and communication.

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