International Students Discuss on President Xi Jinping’s Reply to Pakistani Students in USTB
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On May 17th, President Xi Jinping replied to a letter from all Pakistani students studying in the University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB), extending welcome to excellent youth from all countries in the world to study in China.

On May 20th, the School of International Education(SIE) held a symposium on discussing the letter. Some international students and all the staff attended it presided over by Ms. Jiang Hong, Dean of the SIE. At the symposium, students agreed that it is quite necessary for youth from all countries to contribute to promoting people-to-people connectivity and building a community with a shared future for humanity.

Shami, a doctoral student form Pakistan, said: “Chinese President Xi Jinpings reply to international students, indicating that he attaches great importance to international students in China. He recalled the help given to him by the Chinese government and schools during the COVID-19 epidemic, and especially thanked his tutors and teachers here.

Sidia, a postgraduate from Madagascar, was deeply impressed by the principle of "life comes first" put forward by Chinese President Xi Jinping. During the epidemic, foreigners in China were treated the same as Chinese nationals were, receiving no exception in care,which moved them deeply.

Kong Qi, a postgraduate from Rwanda,is studying Chinese now. After studying the letter, he felt very happy and surprised. "A friend in need is a friend indeed", he said that he will keep in mind the words in the letter, and play his own role in building a community with a shared future for humanity.

Du Bei, an undergraduate student from Zimbabwe, was very moved after reading the letter. He especially thanked the teachers for giving them masks, thermometers, milk and fruits. Now his online course is going smoothly, and his study is not affected by the epidemic, which made him feel safe and at ease in China. He said that international students will have more exchanges with Chinese peers in China and join hands with youth from all countries to create a better future for mankind!

Aimeida of São Tomé and Príncipe went to China to study last year. She said that the Chinese government is very concerned about the life of international students in China. She remarked that international students should learn from the Chinese government's concern for every Chinese citizen and people from other regions. She expressed her sincere thanks to China, the school and the teachers. She believed that China is the best choice for studying abroad in the past and in the future as well.

Many students participated in the discussion online and offline, saying that the epidemic will definitely pass, and as long as people all over the world work together, they will surely have a safer and better world.

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