Online Interview on CSC "Silk Road" Project Conducted under the Instruction of University Officials
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According to the Notice on the quota of "university graduate students" and "Silk Road" Project for obtaining Chinese government scholarship in the 2020-2021 academic year, the Agricultural and Science and Engineering Postgraduate Cultivation Project Catering for Countries along the "Silk Road" applied by Anhui Agricultural University is successfully approved. To make a profound investigation of the applicants’ qualities in terms of professional competence and language proficiency, etc., the School of International Education conducted a Skype online interview for qualified applicants on the 17th June. Vice president Li Hong gave instructions during the whole process of the interview, accompanied by the members of the Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Before the Skype online interview, A discussion was held among the expert judges, in which Li Hong emphasized that the importance of international students education and working should not be ignored and the cultivation of international students from countries along the "Silk Road" should be regarded as an important part of "Belt and Road" educational action. She said that during the online interview, experts should be in line with the principle of openness, fairness and impartiality. Furthermore, in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Education, the quality of applicants should be strictly controlled.

Professor Cai Yongping, Dean of School of Life Sciences, served as the leader of the experts group for the online interview. Judging from applicants’ self-introduction and question-answering performances in the interview, combined with application materials, five experts comprehensively analyzed the applicants’ professional competence and academic level (including academic background, academic performance, learning attitude, etc.), language ability and health status. Then the procedure of quantified scoring for each applicant was conducted and finally, three candidates were successfully recommended.

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