AAU participated in the 14th International Tea Industry Exposition in Anhui
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The 14th International Tea Industry Exposition in Anhui jointly hosted by Anhui Supply and Marketing Cooperatives, Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Anhui Province, Department of Commerce of Anhui Province, and the municipal governments in Anhui Province opened on June 18th, 2021 at Binhu International Conference and Exposition Center, Hefei. Cao Haiqun, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee in AAU and Vice President, attended the opening ceremony and signed a strategic cooperation agreement there. Directors from School of Tea & Food Science and the State Key Laboratory of the Tea Plant Biology and Utilization were also present at the Exposition.

On behalf of AAU and Tea Research Institute (TRI) in Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences respectively, vice president Cao Haiqun and Jiang Renhua, the director of TRI, signed the strategic agreement on cooperation with each other. On the extensive cooperation between the two sides, this agreement will focus on the further cooperation in coordinated innovation in tea science and technology, joint research and development programs, and the training of talents so as to make more achievements in all respects including science research, discipline development and talents training, which will consequently promote the high-quality development of Chinese Tea Industry.  

On the Summit Forum on Tea Industry in the exposition, themed as the Driving force for the Boom in Rural Areas, which is co-organized by AAU, professor Wan Xiao, the director of the State Key Laboratory of the Tea Plant Biology and Utilization, who delivered a keynote speech entitled Rural Development by Fostering Yellow Tea Industry, analyzed the present situation, pathway and challenges for yellow tea industry and shared with the participants his thoughts and perspective on the way for developing yellow tea industry for reviving the rural areas.

The State Key Laboratory of the Tea Plant Biology and Utilization was invited to present its crucial breakthroughs in the theories and applied researches such as, latest achievements in tea science and technology, secondary metabolism and chemical quality, automatic processing and facilities for tea, tea health efficacy and new product development. The deep-processing tea products developed by the State Key Laboratory, namely the cold-brewing tea, instant tea which melts in the water without any tea waste, jasmine flower tea with its flavor stored with microcapsule technology, recombinant rice with matcha for patients with diabetes and hyperglycemia, have drawn close attention from the visitors and received high praise.

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