Comprehensive Study of Organic Contaminant Absorption by Clays: Methodologies,
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Lecturer: Li Hui, professor from Michigan State University, USA

Time: 15:00, May 25, 2017

Place: Lecture Hall 111, Biological Science Building

Sponsors: School of Natural Resources & Environment,

Department of Science & Technology


Profile to the lecturer

Doctor Li Hui is from Feidong, Anhui Province, and is now a professor of soil chemistry and soil environment at Michigan State University. He was awarded his bachelor’s and master’s degree in 1990 and 1993 in environmental chemistry from Nanjing University, and received his Ph.D. in soil chemistry from Purdue University in 1999.


Dr. Li Hui has long been engaged in the research and development of persistent organic pollutants, pesticides and new pollutants in soil and water environments, their return and transformation process in soil and water environments, as well as the environmental effects and related influences on agricultural products’ safety. The mechanism is revealed at the molecular level, which serves as a basis for research on polluted soil remediation and food safety hazards reduction. He has hosted projects of the US Science Foundation, the US Department of Agriculture Innovation Fund, the National Health Department and the Overseas Cooperation Fund of China National Science Foundation. He has published over 90 papers in world-class publications, among which 32 papers are in Environmental Science Technology, the international authoritative journal in the field of environmental science. His published papers have been cited more than 2900 times with the H index being 32. He also served as the associate editor of the Journal of Environmental Quality, an important journal in the field of environmental science, and was awarded an Outstanding Editor Award in 2013. Dr. Lee has also been invited to participate in the project fund review of the Environmental Science Foundation, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Department of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Defense and other international agencies of environmental science. In addition, he reviews papers for more than 20 international journals. He was elected in 2017 as the director of the American Society for Soil and Environmental Quality Professional Committee of Soil Science Society of America
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