Role of Bud Banks in Grassland Ecosystems
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Lecturer: Xu Lan PhD ( South Dakota State University)

Time:  10:00, May 15th, 2007

Place: Lecture Hall  216, Building No. 10

Sponsors: School of Life Science, Department of Science and Technology


Profile to the lecturer: 

Xu Lan, a Plant Ecologist, works at South Dakota State University since 1998. Her research expertise in restoration and improvement of disturbed rangelands. It encompasses plant-animal interactions, plant responses to changing environments (e.g. climate variability, disturbance of grazing, fire, drought, and invasive species), improvement of forage quality, productivity, and wildlife habitats by selecting drought and grazing tolerant cultivars. Recently, she works on ecological and managerial implications of seed banks and bud banks in grassland ecosystems. She won numerous teaching awards and research awards at national level.  She received her PhD from North Dakota State University and MS from Institute of Applied Ecology of Chinese Academy of Sciences. She published 45 papers in J. of Ecology, J. of Plant Ecology, Rangeland Ecology & Management, J. of Agronomy, J. Crop Sci. and etc.  She also published two General Biology Laboratory textbooks, which adopted by more than 59 Institutions

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