What is Needed, What does Phenotyping Deliver?
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 What is Needed, What does Phenotyping Deliver?


Lecturer: Dr. Christophe Salon, Research Director of multiple INRA (National Institute for Agricultural Research ) structures

Time:  10:00-11:00a.m.,Nov. 3rd, 2018

Venue:  Lecture Hall 441, Biological Science Building

Sponsors: School of Agronomy, Joint National and Local Laboratory for Crop Stress Resistance Breeding and Disaster Risk Reduction  


Profile to the Lecturer

Dr Salon is Research Director of multiple INRA structures. He is in charge of operational management, budgeting, business and scientific strategies, staff training and development, human resources management. Since 2012, Dr. Salon is Deputy Research Director of the largest Research Unit of INRA (UMR “Agroecology”, approx. 400 searchers and technicians) in which he manages i) the GEAPSI Research Group and the ii) the High Throughput Phenotyping facility Plant Phenotyping Platform for Plant and Microorganism Interaction (4PMI).

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