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Associate Professor of School of Life Sciences Invented High-Performance New Technology for Bacterial Detection

Author: Source: Click: Update Date:2021-08-25

Among all currently availablepoint-of-care testing(POCT)methods, Immuno ChromatographicAssay(ICA)is the mostmatureone, which has found wide application inrapid screeningofbiochemical molecules, includingantibody,biomarker,virusand so on. However, indetection oflargermicroorganismssuch asbacteriaandfungus, this methodhas some inherent defects, namelylow sensitivityandlimited quantitative ability, so that it would beincompetentfor ultrasensitive qualification of pathogenic bacteriaincomplex environment.

Recently, Dr.Wang Chongwen,an associateprofessorofSchool of Life Sciences, developed a noveltwo-dimensional graphene oxide-fluorescent nanoprobe,whichcould sticktightlytothesurface of thetargetbacteria andthenwascapturedbythetestzoneof theICA stripto generate strong fluorescence signal.Underoptimalconditions, thebiosensordeveloped with thistechnologyensuredsimultaneousandsensitive detectionof Streptococcus pneumoniae(S. pneumoniae)andStaphylococcus aureus(S. aureus)in one test within 20 minutes, and the detection limit reached 13 and 20cells/mL for S. pneumoniae and S. aureus, respectively. Thus, thistechnology has a wide field of application with good prospects.Thestudy was published inChemical Engineering Journal, one of the top journals inchemical engineering.Cheng Xiaodan, Zheng Shuai and Wang Wenqi, threegraduate studentsof our university,are co-first authors,whileWang Chongwen andProf.Wang Shengqi,chief scientist of the Academy of Military Sciences,are co-corresponding authors.

Since joining our university asa high-level talentin 2018, associateprofessorWang Chongwen,with the support ofour school and university, has made aseries of scientific research achievementsin collaboration withKey Laboratory of New Technology for MolecularDiagnosis of Infectious Diseases,Military Medical Science Academy of the PLA. As thefirstorcorresponding author, he has published 28papers in establishedSCI journals such as Biosens Bioelectron, Analytical Chemistry,Chemical Engineering Journal,ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces,Food Chemistry,Sens. Actuators B-Chem(20 papers published in the first-gradejournalsranked bythe Chinese Academy of Sciences,6papers with anImpactFactorhigherthan 10, and 3 highlycitedpapersof ESI). Moreover,he has developed severalultrasensitive COVID-19 testing technologies and products. (School of Life Sciences)