Inaugural Conference of China-US-Based Agricultural Extension Alliance Hosted by AAU

On March 23-24, the Inaugural Conference of China-US Based Agricultural Extension Alliance, hosted by AAU and Colorado State University (CSU), was held in Hangzhou. Dr. Chen Beijiu, AAU President and Dr. Yao Zuowen, AAU Vice President, attended the meeting. Guests present at the meeting also included Wan Xiaochun, Director of Science and Technology Department of Anhui Province; AAU Vice President in charge of the New Rural Development Research Institute; Director of the New Rural Development Research Institute; Dean of the AAU International Office; five Vice Presidents respectively from Colorado State University, the University of California System, Purdue University, Oregon State University, University of Nebraska; Xu Zengtai, Dean of Agricultural Division, Department of Rural Development of the Ministry of Science and Technology; Ji Shaoqin, Dean of Education Division, Department of Science, Technology and Education of the Ministry of Agriculture and Li Renjie, Dean of Basic Research Division, Department of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education.  

The alliance is coordinated jointly by AAU and CSU. The agreement-signing ceremony for “China-US Based Agricultural Extension Alliance” is hosted by Dr. Yao Zuowen, Vice President of AAU. Chen Beijiu, President of AAU, delivered a welcome speech and made a brief introduction speech of AAU. He said that it is an important policy of the Chinese government and an important mission of agriculture-based universities to construct Chinese-style university extension systems. Promoted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Agriculture, with the joint efforts of the first ten universities entitled to building New Rural Development Research Institutes, after five years of persevering exploration, the new type of university-based agricultural extension system has gained widespread recognition.

Leaders from the Ministries and Wan Xiaochun, Director of the Science and Technology Department, and also the one who has been advocating and promoting the alliance, gave an important speech, expressing his firm support of “China-US Based Agricultural Extension Alliance.” “This alliance will make a good beginning,” he said, “and will surely bring vitality and opportunities to Chinese agricultural development.”

After signing the contract, the fifteen members of the Alliance had a discussion on developing modern agricultural technology extension service, including building an alliance website, talent exchange, shared technology resources, alliance operation mechanism and model. Meanwhile, they also exchanged views on the preparation for “The Third International Conference of Modern Agricultural Extension and Technology Transfer”, and achieved consensus on bilateral and multilateral cooperation of international agricultural extension exchange and training, scientific research and personnel training.

After the conference, the delegates visited Changxing Agricultural Research Site of Zhejiang University.