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School of Horticulture

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The School of Horticulture (SH), one of the earliest schools at Anhui Agricultural Univesity (AAU), can be traced back to the Department of Horticulture (founded in 1947), the School of Agriculture, Provincial Anhui University. After national college reform in 1952, the Department of Horticulture was incorporated into the School of Agriculture, Zhejiang University and reestablished at AAU in 1958. In 2004, it was renamed the School of Horticulture.

SH consists of two undergraduate programs (horticulture, facility agriculture of science and engineering), three master’s degree programs, two doctoral degree programs and one experiment teaching center, one research center for horticulture information and one research institute of horticulture science.

The school has a good team of teaching and research staff with 50 faculty members, including eight professors, 19 associate professors, three provincial academic leaders and one provincial teaching group. It enrolls about 900 undergraduates and postgraduates.

In the past five years, our school has undertaken more than 200 projects at different levels, including over 20 projects funded by National Sci-Tech Support Program and National Natural Science Foundation. In addition, our school has also drafted 21 standards for local governments of Anhui province. Faculties have published more than 200 papers at home and abroad, among which over 50 are SCI-cited ones. SH has won a number of awards, including one second place prize National Teaching Achievement Award, four provincial Teaching Achievement Awards and 6 provincial Science and Technology Progress Awards.