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School of Foreign Languages

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The School of Foreign Languages (SFL) established in 2004 traces its history back to the Department of Foreign Languages, founded in 1993. It has developed into a school of three departments (English, Japanese and French) , two divisions for foreign language teaching, and one institute for language research, with a total enrollment of more than 1,000 students.

The school offers four undergraduate programs (English, Japanese, French and Business English), and one master’s degree program (Business English Studies). In addition, it serves as a French Training Base for the South-South Cooperation Project sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, an English Training Base for the Project of Anhui Provincial Agricultural Council, as well as an Online Marking Base for the National College Entrance Examination of Anhui province.

SFL has 106 faculty members, including two professors and 19 associate professors.In addition, each year over a half dozen foreign teachers are employed and four to five distinguished professors from key universities in China are invited to teach and do co-research in the school.

The school is well equipped with modern and advanced teaching facilities, housed in a 10,800m2 teaching building with 25 classrooms exclusively used for students from SFL. Besides, there are 15 multimedia classrooms with 1,060 seats and 14 internet enabled classrooms with over 800 seats, which meet the demand of audio-video teaching and the students’ online self study.

SFL has always placed much emphasis on the improvement of both teaching and research. In recent years, SFL has undertaken over 40 projects mainly in the Humanities and Social Sciences and directed by the Ministry of Education, as well as the Philosophy and Social Sciences Projects of Anhui province. The school has published about 100 academic papers and more than 20 monographs, translations and textbooks.