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AAU Achieved Good Results in 2021 United States (International) Mathematical Modeling Competition

Author: Source: Click: Update Date:2021-04-28

Recently, the results of the 2021 American (International) College Students Mathematical Modeling Competition (MCM/ICM) were announced. The four participating teams in our school won one first prize (Meritorious Winners, M Prize) and three successful entries, among which the team of Chen Daoxiong, Pan Acun, Wu Yiqi, led by the teacher of College of Science,Zhang Linzhong, won the first prize inA Trait-based Understanding of Woody Fiber and Ground Litter Decomposition by Fungi: Theories and Models,a new breakthrough for our students in this competition.

In order to study the decomposition of wood fiber and ground litter by fungi, the growth rate and moisture resistance of fungi were selected.Considering the interaction and competition of other fungi species in nature, a fungus gradient decline model was established by using fluid dynamics continuum model.The relationship between fungi decomposition rate and two characters was analyzed, the movement trend of fungi community simulated, and a fungus clustering model established.

Before the competition, the Faculty of Science organized a number of experts and instructors from the Mathematical Modeling Teaching Team to train the participating players. The participating players received systematic training in solving complex practical problems through mathematical modeling after many exercises such as internal trials, provincial competitions and national competitions.

The American (International) Mathematical Modeling Competition for College Students is an authoritative competition in the field of mathematical modeling, sponsored by the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Application (COMAP), which is one of the mathematical modeling competitions with important international influence. The content of the competition is a hot issue in scientific and technological research in the world today, with emphasis on the originality of research problems and solutions. There are 6 topics in MCM/ICM, which involve hot issues in many fields such as economy, management, environment, resources, ecology, medicine and safety. The entry method is that three students (undergraduates) are in a group, and within four days, original English papers including model building, model solving, experimental simulation and result checking are completed and submitted successfully, which is a very challenging task for undergraduates. In 2021, many countries and regions from China, the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, Singapore, India, Germany and France participated in the American College Students Mathematical Modeling Competition, including Oxford University, Cambridge University, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Nanyang Technological University, Tsinghua University, Peking University and many other universities, with a total of 26,112 teams (MCM 10053, ICM 16059),more than 80,000 students participated and the proportion of winning the first prize of MCM about 6.93%.