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AAU Released a Publicity Video for International Students Recruitment

Author: Source: Click: Update Date:2021-11-26

In order to promote theinternationaleducation and attract more high-quality international students to study in Anhui Agricultural University, the School of International Education recently made a publicity video for therecruitmentof international students in 2021.

The whole film lasts 4 minutes and 15 seconds. From an international perspective, it introduces thegeneral informationand educational advantages of AAU, comprising educational level, discipline strength, faculty, learning atmosphere, campus environment, accommodation conditions, cultural activities,etc. The publicity video integrates relevant publicity materials, and focuses on learning and entertainment from the perspective of international students, reflecting the garden-like campus environment of AAU. Meanwhile, time-lapse photography, aerial photography, quick cutting and other technical means are used to make the videomoreartistic andattractive.

The videoissimultaneously launched on AAUofficialwebsite, Enrollment InformationWebsite, WeChat, Youku and otheronlineplatforms, and will also beforwarded toforeignpartner universities.

In recent years, with thecosiderable improvements on international education qualityand management system, AAU has attracted a large number of international students. Up to now, nearly 300 international students have beencultivated, covering three levels of bachelor, master and doctor degrees. Currently, there are international students from 53 countries, such as Pakistan, Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, Benin, Russia, Mexico and other countries,enrolledin 56 majors in 14schools in AAU.