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School of Engineering

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The School of Engineering (SE) arises from the Department of Agricultural Mechanization, which was founded in 1958 when the university was known as the College of Agriculture. It was renamed the School of Engineering in 2001.

SE now has six departments, one experimental center, and one engineering park. The departments are the Department of Agricultural Mechanization, the Department of Machinery Engineering, the Department of Electronic Engineering, the Department of Vehicle Engineering, the Department of Construction Engineering, the Department of Hydraulic Engineering.

SE provides seven undergraduate programs: Agricultural Mechanization and Automation, Machinery Design and Automation,Agricultural Construction Environment and Energy Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, Electric Engineering and Automation, Agricultural Hydraulic Engineering, and Civil Engineering. It also provides 10 master’s degree programs: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering, Agricultural Biological Environmental Engineering, Agricultural Electric Engineering and Automation, Agricultural Water-soil Engineering, Mechanical Design and Theory, Mechatronic Engineering, Vehicle Engineering and Machinery Design and Manufacturing and Automation. In addition, it has one doctoral degree program (Crop Production Mechanization Engineering), and one provincial key discipline (Agricultural Mechanization Engineering).

Currently, SE enrolls 1,905 undergraduate students. It has 84 faculty members, including 10 professors and 25 associate professors. In addition, SE has invited a dozen renowned experts and scholars as “Chair Professors” and “Visiting Professors”.

In the past three years, SE has undertaken 80 scientific projects at provincial and ministerial levels, and received 20 million RMB in scientific grants. The school has published 332 academic papers, among which 80 were SCI/EI papers, and 37 teaching materials and monographs. It has won many awards, including three Teaching Achievement Awards, six Science and Technology Progress Awards at provincial/ministerial level. Besides this, it boasts 17 provincial science and technology achievement appraisals and 30 patents authorizations.